In the Hall of Birds

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We’d heard that the Field Museum had redone its Hall of Birds, so we had to see it.

The museum is an amazing, cavernous, somewhat eerie place.  Many of its astonishing holdings were acquired in the early decades of the 20th century, making the museum a true cabinet of curiosities.  The Hall of Birds is no exception.  It contains hundreds and hundreds of preserved birds of all varieties, painstakingly arranged in a way that is at once beautiful, engrossing, poignant, and surreal. More

Learning Birds

Learning Birds

Yesterday being the Jewish new year, we went for a walk.  I’m not Jewish, but my husband’s father was, so we celebrate the Jewish holidays without observing them exactly.  Since I don’t know the Jewish traditions (raised Episcopal myself), I go along with what my husband suggests.  So the night before last we had a really fine dinner, and yesterday we spent at home, except for our excursion to the park.  Taking a walk is something my husband remembers often doing on New Year’s when he was a kid. More