Chicago’s Trump Tower: Is it for the birds?

Trump mirror wall, © 2013 Celia Her City

I think it’s the best mirror-wall in the city.  I’ve written enthusiastically before about the Trump Tower.  Now I see another aesthetic reason to like the building.

I fear, though, that its mirror-cladding poses a new threat to birds.  Our newest glass skyscrapers are so mirage-like that many birds probably die flying into them.  If this is something you know about, will you let me know?

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Summer lawns

Summer lawns

The suburbs sustain their own landscape aesthetic, different from that of the city or country.  Whenever I visit my brother, who lives in a sweet subdivision in Palatine, I realize how much I crave those expanses of lawn and the calming sight of manicured bushes and sheltering trees.  Like many city-dwellers, I grew up in the suburbs, a habitat I nostalgically associate with order and peace.

Breakfast-room dinner

Our apartment is old-fashioned, with a kitchen that’s not eat-in but only for cooking, a too-big dining room, a butler’s pantry (where a butler is supposed to be plating our food), and a cozier ‘breakfast room,’ where we end up eating most of our meals.

Dinnertime in the breakfast room, © 2013 Celia Her City

The table in the breakfast room is beat-up and small.  Its surface is chipped, and its chairs bear the chew marks from when our late dog Barkley, a Chesapeake Retriever, was a puppy.  When it’s set for four, the place-mats touch.  For all these reasons, it’s the place we prefer to dine in with our friends.

The nighttime park

The nighttime park

Night never really sets in thoroughly in Chicago.  We get closest to dark in summer, when the trees’ shadows leaf into a canopy, blocking out some of the streetlights’ glare.  The lights are overly bright, to the point of making it hard to sleep.

How would we be affected were the city naturally dark at night?  If the streetlights were fewer or more puny?  For stay-at-home types, it would be quieter, more soothing; for live wires, much more an adventure to be out on the town.

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