Hello, I’m Celia (at least for the purposes of this website).

I’m a married woman, with degrees from a major university, living in a major city.  This website contains snippets of my everyday thoughts and experiences, with photography.  I move around a bit, taking pictures as I go.  Don’t be surprised if I write about gardens, the el, time-use, furnishing my office, day-tripping, my family, that sort of thing.

Self portrait with shoes, © 2012 Celia Her City

This picture is several years old, but very little has changed.  I still wear these clothes and shoes, walk on this rug, work at this desk.  My satchel has worn out, but that’s about it.

I write about politics elsewhere, which is formal and demanding.  This site is meant to be more informal.  It’s about being alive in the modern world.

One of the things I like about having a website is hearing from readers, so please do chime in.

Thanks for visiting.