The Other Side of the Drive

The Lincoln Park Lagoon (Credit: Celia Her City)On one side of Lake Shore Drive is Lake Michigan; on the other, for a while, is the Lincoln Park Lagoon.  As motorists whiz along the Drive in their morning commute, the Lagoon remains a reservoir of calm.  Fishermen cast their lines into the water as they have for hundreds of years, cyclists pedal past slowly to check on the fishing, and trees reflect their splendor into its still pool.

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Lily Pond, Cool and Hot

The Lily Pond in Autumn (Credit: Celia Her City)

I knew that yesterday would be a special morning for walking.  It had rained the night before and the morning was overcast, reducing the glare yet leaving a slight shine all over.   The parks were quiet; air, still.  Wonderful conditions for appreciating what I’m sure will prove to be one of my most memorable walks.

The lily pond in Lincoln Park was quite deserted, and edges of the pond were almost messy with dying grasses and fallen leaves.  But the surface of the water, with its delicately reflected colors, and the distinctive palette of the colors themselves, was an impressionist’s dream.  I took a ‘cool’ picture of the south end of the pond.

On the north end, it was quite a different story, with flaming maples, green rushes, and an entirely different feel.

The Alfred Caldwell Lily Pond in autumn (Credit: Celia Her City)


What is it about autumn that we just have to photograph it?  I’m ashamed to say how many pictures I’ve taken lately of autumn leaves, and trees turning, as though I have never seen them before.   At least I’ve got plenty of company, suffering from this compulsion.

Okay, but here is a picture that I really like, partly because of the color and the snakiness of the branches, but also because you can distinguish the leaves of the oak and the dogwood.

Michigan color (Credit: Celia Her City)

Autumn Appreciators of North America, unite!

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